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Rules and Instructions

Chain Reaction is co-hosted by Shelley Gagnier and Charlie Richardson in the Games Galore Channel.

The object of the game is to complete a word chain. In the chain, each of seven words is connected to both the word above it and the word below it in some way. By making inferences based on the revealed words and the revealed letters in incomplete words, you try to fill in the word chains to score points.

At the beginning of each game, Captains for two teams will be selected, and each person in the room will be assigned to a team. If more individuals come in to the room, they will be added to a team. Once the teams have been announced, the game will begin.

The game consists of six rounds. At the beginning of each round, the first and last words in a 7 word chain will be given to the team. The team members will then decide whether they want a letter under the first word, or a letter above the last word. Once a letter is given, the team will have 1 minute in which to guess the word. If the word is guessed with only 1 letter being given, the correct answer will be worth 2 points. If a word is guessed with two letters or more showing the correct answer will be worth 1 point. The word will never be revealed completely, should a team ask for a letter and that letter will complete the word, the team will have to guess the word without any extra letters. If the team does not guess the word, control of the chain is given to the other team. A team keeps control of the chain until they miss a word and then the chain goes over to the other team.

The chains used can contain proper names however, the hosts will not reveal whether or not the word begins with a capital letter.

For rounds 5 and 6, there will be a different scoring system used. In these rounds, the teams can determine the point value they wish to wager. For the first letter given, the team can choose to bid up to 4 points for a correct answer. If their answer is incorrect, they will lose whatever points they have bid. If the word is not guessed on the first letter, then the maximum number of points which can be wagered for the word decreases to 3 points. With each additional letter given, the point value will decrease by 1 until there can only be 1 point won or lost. The team captain must give the point value the team will bet when the final answer is submitted. If the captain fails to give the point value, the default wager is 1 point.

In the bidding rounds, it is possible for a team to have 0 or negative points. If this situation occurs, the team can still bid as many points as the word allows.

If a team starts and completes a chain without losing control, they will receive the total amount of points for completing the chain, for a total of 10 points, plus an additional point for running it for a maximum of 11 points. They will then have the opportunity to complete a 4 word chain for a bonus of 2 points. The hostess will give the first and last word of the chain and 1 letter in each of the missing words. The team will have 1 minute to complete the chain.

At the end of 6 rounds, the team with the most points will win the game.

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