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Cringo is hosted by Julie in the Games Galore channel.

General Game Play:

Cringo is a word game that is similar to a crossword puzzle. The players are divided into 2 teams and a captain for each team is selected. Puzzles go back and forth between teams. When one team completes a word, the next puzzle goes to the other team.

How to Play:

At the beginning of each round, the host will read a crossword style clue twice, including the number of letters to be found in the target word. The team then has 60 seconds to guess the word. At any time the team that is playing may ask for the clue to be read by the host. Remember, this counts against your team's time.

When time is called, only the captain may speak and give an answer. The captain must say the word and spell it.

If the team guesses the word correctly, they win the points they have. if the team guesses wrong, the host will then reveal all the letters that are in the correct position, and the clue will be read and the team has another 60 seconds to guess the word. For example: if the team submits the word flame, spelled F L A M E, and the correct word is C L O N E, the host will reveal the letters L in the second position and E in the fifth position and read the clue again.

The team can ask the host to reveal a letter in the position of their choice if they need one at any time during their turn.

The team can guess and keep playing until they run out of points or have guessed 5 times, which ever comes first. Then the word is sent to the other team for a guess. The team will have 30 seconds to guess the word. If they do, they win the points.

If neither team guesses the word correctly, no points are given to either team.


The word starts with a value of 10 points. Incorrect guesses at the word cost your team 1 point. If your team is stuck on a word, you may opt to buy a letter in the position of your choice. Buying a letter costs your team 3 points. The host then reveals the letter and reads the clue again. The team then has 60 seconds to guess the word.

We hope you will enjoy this game.

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