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Encore Rules and Regulations

Encore is hosted by Shelley, James and Marina.

Encore and Deluxe Encore are copyrighted by Endless Games.


Encore is a song lyrics game where the players are given a word and they must find song lyrics with that word in them. Players must submit their lyrics with at least 14 consecutive words including the key word given by the host.

Each player will be assigned a team as they enter the room. Once the teams have been assigned, the game will start. If new players come in during the game, they will be assigned to a team by one of the game hosts.

How to play the game:

A key word will be given. Each team will then have two minutes in turn to come up with a song that has the key word as part of the submitted lyrics.

When a team member proposes a song, two other teammates have to "verify" the song by giving supporting details. If either team has less than 6 players, only one verify is required from a team member. If the team canít get verification, the captain can ask the other team to verify the song in which case, only one member of the other team has to verify the song by giving supporting details. Some examples of supporting details are:

  • The artist,
  • The title,
  • Additional lyrics,
  • Singing or humming the tune or,
  • Naming the album.

After the song has been verified, the captain will instruct a teammate to submit the song. If the song is verified by an opposing team member, the song still must be submitted. A ten second challenge period will follow. At this point, if a member on the other team feels that some aspect of the submission or verification was incorrect, then they may challenge. If there is a dispute about the submission, The hosts will through several sources, either online, or by playing the song in question, resolve the dispute. If the lyrics were submitted incorrectly, the team that put forth the submission will use the rest of their time to come up with another song. The song that was submitted can not be used again until a new word is given by the host.

Encore Rules:

  • Each team has 2 minutes to come up with a song.
  • Please do not speak during the challenge period.
  • If time is called, then only the captain may speak to submit a song or designate another team member who he/she knows has one to submit.
  • If team members have expressed to their captain that they have a song, and time has been called, the captain may request that the member submit the song to the opposing team for verification. (This is why it's a good idea to inform your captain if you have songs ready to be put on the table.) Once time has been called, if a player states he has a song, the captain may not call on that player to submit the song to the other team.
  • If a song has been proposed but not submitted, it may be used again by either team.
  • A song may only be submitted once per key word.

Suggestions for Play:

  • Do not think with the key down, this may waste valuable time.
  • When presenting songs for verification to your team, if possible, do not provide more words than the 14 which are needed for submission. If you do, it may be more difficult for someone to verify and provide supporting details.
  • Do not propose a song when your team is already working on a song. Alert your captain that you have a song in reserve in case time runs out. This will prevent the other team from stealing your song.
  • When you verify a song, do not verify with more than one item as it may prevent another team member from verifying the song and lose you the point.
  • If two verifies are needed, and you know one or more items such as the title and artist, Key up and tell your captain that you can verify with title and artist. If you know only one item for verification, tell your captain that you can only verify one way and give what it is, such as Title. Don't say the title, just tell the team that you know what it is. In this way, someone who knows another method of verifying can also key up and verify the song. If two verifies are needed, stating you know several ways of verifying and actually saying what they are will help other team members who only know one way of verifying and they will key up and offer their verify. Then, you can verify with the one element that they didn't use.
  • If you know a few words to a song, (less than 14 words), tell your captain you have a partial song and your captain will call on you once all full songs are exhausted and the only song left is yours. It may be possible for team members to help you finish your song, but it's good strategy to keep these partial songs until the team has no other options as it may not be possible to complete your song and it will waist the team's time and your team may still have full songs in reserve.

Note: If you have never played this game before, these rules may seem difficult, but listening to the game for a short while will be beneficial.

We look forward to see you in our game.

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