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Family Feud Instructions and Rules

Family Feud is hosted by Shelley Gagnier.

This game is based on the television show of the same name. This version consists of 8 rounds and a bonus or Fast Money round.

As you come in the Games Galore channel you will be assigned to one of two teams and a captain will be selected for each team. Each team will compete against each other in a contest to name the most popular responses to a survey question posed to 100 average americans.

Game Play:

Representatives of each team are asked questions that have already been answered by a survey of 100 people although, sometimes, the surveyed audience would be further narrowed down (e.g. 100 women). An answer is considered correct if it is one of the concealed answers on the game board, or judged to be equivalent. Each answer is worth 5 points in the first four rounds. Answers are worth double, 10 points in rounds 5 and 6 and they are worth triple points, 15 points per answer in rounds 7 and 8.

Examples of questions might be Name a famous George, Tell me a popular family vacation spot, Name something you do at school, or Give me a slang name for policemen.

Each question starts with a team member from each team who face off to see who will gain control of that particular question. Whoever guesses the more popular answer in the survey gains the right for his or her team to play the round. Players are also automatically given control if they guess the Number one answer, the answer most commonly given.

Starting with the next team member in line, each gets a chance to give one answer. Team members may not confer with one another while in control of the board. The team gets a strike if a player gives an answer that is not on the board or fails to respond within 15 seconds. Three strikes cause the team to relinquish control of the board, giving the other team a chance to steal the points in the bank by correctly guessing one of the remaining answers.

the entire team then confers for 1 minute before the answer is given. The team captain can then either select one of the answers given by the team or give his or her own. If the team guesses a remaining answer correctly, they receive the points accumulated by the other team. The answer revealed however doesn’t count for any points.

Fast Money Round:

At the end of the regular game, each team selects a member to play the fast money round. In this round, one person is asked to leave the room while the other is asked to answer five questions. Only the most popular answer is worth points in this round. Then, the person who has left the room is asked to return and is given the same 5 questions to answer. After both team members have answered the questions, the host will reveal each question’s correct answer and for each matching answer, 50 points is added to the team's score. The points are added, and the team who has the most points wins the game.

We hope you will enjoy this game.

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