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Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains frequently asked questions that you may have about Games Galore and More. The page is separated in headings. Level 3 headings are sections, and level 4 headings are questions. Please note that some links to external or internal portions of our site open in a new window. You may need to close the newly open window to return to our FAQ page.

Joining Games Galore and More:

How much does it cost to join Games Galore and More?

Becoming a member of Games Galore and More is free. You will never be charged to join the site or to participate in our activities.

Why has the name of the site changed from NFB Live to Games Galore and More?

The reason for the change in name from NFBLive to Games Galore and More is because the management team felt that Games Galore and More is a clearer representation of what we do here on GGM. When we were calling ourselves NFBLive, the name prevented some people from joining our site because they were under the assumption that they needed to belong to the NFB to join. Even though that was never true, it definitely kept supporters of the ACB from joining. We want everyone, regardless of their affiliations, to feel welcome and comfortable here.

The name Games Galore and More fairly represents what we are trying to accomplish. Obviously, we do offer many games, which bring a lot of enjoyment to the lives of many blind individuals who might not otherwise have people in their lives to talk to, or share fun with.

The and More, speaks to the other events we are, and will be offering on our site, such as, a computer tech support group called Bits and Bytes, an iPhone discussion group, and a book club for those who enjoy reading. We often have guest speakers and Vendor events. We are trying hard to meet the needs of all who choose to participate here on Games Galore and More.

Financial Support:

How is Games Galore and More financed?

We are financed through the generosity of our sponsors and donations from our members. Any donation or sponsorship is voluntary.

How can I support Games Galore and More?

You can support Games Galore and More by sponsoring us or by making a donation to our site through the NFB of New York, who hosts this site. Go to our sponsors and Donors page to obtain more information on our sponsors and how you can offer financial support.

Computers Programs and Platforms:

What chat client does Games Galore and More use?

Games Galore and More uses the Talking Communities chat client, known as the TC Chat Client.

Is Games Galore and More a text chat site?

Games Galore and More is not a text chat site. Though the TC chat client has texting capabilities, Our chat site is a voice chat site.

What do I need to access the Games Galore and More chat rooms?

In order to participate in the many activities offered by Games Galore and More, All you need is a computer, access to the internet, which you obviously have or you wouldn't be reading this. You will also need a microphone and speakers or a headset as our rooms allow voice chatting in real time.

I use a Mac, Can I access Games Galore and More chat rooms with it?

Yes you can access the chat rooms with a Mac. We do recommend a PC using Windows for a better user experience however as some functionality or usability may be lost using a Mac, iPhone or iPad. You can find the How to Enter a Community Room Using a Mac article on the Talking Communities help desk page.

Can I access the Games Galore and More chat rooms using my iPhone?

Yes you can access our site with an iPhone or an iPad. We do recommend a PC using Windows for a better user experience however as some functionality or usability may be lost using an iPhone or iPad. Here are instructions on how to download and install the TC Conference app and enter our chat rooms. Do note that entering our chat rooms with devices other than a Windows based machine will diminish your user experience severely, and should only be done as a last resort.

I use Linux, Can I access Games Galore and More?

People wishing to access Games Galore and More on Linux have to use the Web Client. The Web Client is a Java-based web application that provides an interface to the Web Conferencing server without the need to install the plug-in. It can be used with any browser or operating system, (MAC, Linux, and Windows). Those using this interface can watch, listen, and text chat. However, no moderator can use this interface, nor can sessions be recorded. It does require that the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Version 1.5, or newer, be installed.

Events and Activities:

What kinds of events will there be on Games Galore and More?

Games Galore and More will host severel types of events including but not limited to:
  • A variety of games,
  • Presentations on adaptive technology,
  • Presentations from our members and our sponsors on topics affecting the blind community.
  • Open discussions on a variety of topics.
  • Personal interviews of a variety of individuals who have impacted the blind community.

Can I host an event or a game on Games Galore and More?

If you wish to host an event or a game on Games Galore and More, contact our events and games coordinators.

If you have any questions that have not been answered above, please Contact us.

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