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We wish to welcome everyone to the Games Galore and More chat community. Games Galore and More is a Voice Chat site where with the use of a microphone and headset, you can interact with others using nothing else but your own voices. People talk to each other in real time. This site is for everyone who is interested in interacting with a variety of people in a friendly environment. We offer activities and events of interest to the blind community. Everyone is welcome. With the help of our sponsors and a rich tapestry of special guests, events, activities and games that will educate and entertain you, we hope that we can provide you with fun and knowledge filled hours.

It is our belief that increased communication and opportunity to socialize can bring further understanding between people. This is not the creation of one person but rather a team effort. So, welcome, and feel free to browse, engage in general chat, or simply relax with a game between friends.

You can join our site at no cost. We use the TeamTalk Conferencing System by Once you have signed up and received your username and password, and installed the TeamTalk conferencing System, you can chat with people from around the world and participate in games, seminars, and presentations on a variety of topics.

We offer several events, games and discussions for your entertainment and learning. You can find a list of our activities, including games and their rules here.

Once you have joined our site, we strongly suggest that you subscribe to our email lists. Our Announcement list is sent out once a day and contains the schedule of our events for that day, and our GGM-Babble list is an interactive list in which you can hold discussions with our site members.

If you wish to donate to Games Galore and More, please do so through PayPal.

While the site is free to all, it does cost money to operate. Therefore, we welcome any contributions which will allow us to continue bringing games and events for all to enjoy.

We hope that your time with us will be rewarding and enjoyable.

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