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In Other Words is a type of anagram game, hosted by Shelley Gagnier and is held in Games Galore on a fill-in basis. It is not in our regular lineup, but will be announced in our daily announcements when it is going to be played.

The participants in the room will be divided into two teams, and a captain will be picked for each team. Team 1 will be given a pair of words such as teacher and student, and will need to decide which word they would like to find the ten words which the host has selected for that given word.

If they choose teacher for example, they would have to call out any words that they might think of that are contained within the word teacher. Examples: cheater, create, trace,or each, just to mention a few.

The team is given 1 point for every word that is called out and spelled correctly and is on the host's list of ten words. The host selects one word off the list which becomes the bonus word. If the bonus word is one of the correct guesses, the team will receive 1 additional point for that word. In other words, if a team gets all 10 words on the list, they will receive a total of 11 points.

Any words not guessed by team 1 will then go over to team 2 to try to steal for a point. If team 1 does not guess the bonus word, but it is guessed by team 2, they will receive the extra point for their correct guess.

Team 2 will then have the opportunity to guess the 10 words contained in the word student, with team 1 having the chance at a steal of any words not said by team 2.

Team 1 will choose their word first in the odd numbered rounds, with team 2 selecting their word first in the even numbered rounds.

The teams will have 2 minutes to guess the words, with the time for a steal being 30 seconds. The game will consist of 8 rounds, and the winner will be the team with the highest total of points at the end of the 8 rounds.

There will be no words in the list with fewer than 3 letters, and no abbreviations will be used. There will be one guess per key-up, and the word given must be both spoken and spelled. Proper names are not allowed unless the proper name also has another meaning. Example: Rob can be a nickname for Robert, but would be an acceptable answer to give since rob can mean to steal from someone.

We hope to see you on the site for this fun and challenging game.

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