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Charlie and Chris take turns in hosting this great music game, and they have dusted the Jukebox off and loaded it with song clips from 1940 to 2015. Clips may be from any part of the song and run between 10 and 15 seconds.

Starting with the captain of each team, Each player is put on the hot seat and picks a year. The host then plays a clip of the chosen song. The song title and artist are both worth 3 points at this point. If the player needs team help with either, the team is going for 2 points each and if still not guessed it goes to the other team for a 1 point steal. Each column of the jukebox is a decade with one song per year. As this game progresses, you may find yourself pushed out of your comfort zone as your favorite decade diminishes. Songs used in the game are all notable in their own right and can come from any Billboard chart or lists like the Rolling Stone top 500.

Come on in for all the fun and be a Jukebox Hero.

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