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Password has several great hosts. It is hosted in the Games Galore channel by: Charlie, Marina and other guest hosts to be announced.

The object of Password is to guess five clue words that pertain to a specific theme, and then guess the theme. There will be one theme per round and 8 rounds per evening.

Each team will have a Clue giver and a team captain. The clue giver will give single word clues in an attempt to get their team to guess the Password. Both teams play the same word, alternating turns. All of the passwords in a round will have a common theme. When one of the teams can correctly identify the theme the round is complete.

Play starts when the host asks the clue giver of the first team if they wish to play or pass the word. Every time a clue giver is given a new word by the host, the clue giver will have the option to play or pass. Each team will start a word, alternating back and forth.

Each round will consist of 5 passwords. A clue giver will give a one word clue using a series of inflections to assist his/her team in figuring out the word. The team then has 60 seconds to convey to their captain what word was decided on. Once time is called the team captainn, and only the team captain is allowed to key up and submit a guess. The Captain will have 10 seconds to submit an answer. If the captain fails to give an answer the team will forfeit that turn. If the captain does not give the correct password, The other team gets a chance at it. Each clue giver is given three chances to convey the password to their team. If the captain correctly guesses the password, that team is given 30 seconds to identify the theme. If the team cannot identify the theme play continues with the opposite team with the next password in the list if any. At the host's discretion, a captain who guesses close to the theme (form of the word or theme) will be given One and only one chance to correct his or her guess. Should a clue giver state an illegal clue, the password is announced and added to the list of known Passwords. Neither team has the opportunity to guess at the theme. You must earn that opportunity by correctly guessing a password.

Illegal clues are:

  • Stating the password itself,
  • A two word or hyphenated clue,
  • A foreign phrase which is directly translatable into the password, as in the word perro, which means dog in spanish.
  • Using a part of the password in the clue,
  • Indicating to your team anything about the password; (Capitalization, Inflection, Proper noun, etc.) will also be deemed an illegal clue.


The host or scorekeeper will keep score and announce team scores at the end of each round. Correctly identifying a Password earns a team one point. A correct guess at a theme earns the team from five to one points depending on the number of clues that have been discovered. There are no penalties for incorrect guesses at a password. However, should a team guess a theme incorrectly that team shall lose the point for the password just guessed. Giving an illegal clue to your team incurs a one point penalty, but there will be no scores less than zero.

Disputes will be settled by the game host.

Inflection Synopsis:

There are four official inflections used in Password. They are:

  1. Saying a word from a low pitch and ending it much higher in pitch. This means the clue giver is seeking a word with an opposite meaning.
  2. Saying the word in a warbling or in a sing-song fashion. This means the clue giver is seeking a rhyming or sound alike word.
  3. Stretching out the word in a monotone pitch. This means that the clue giver is seeking a word that would follow his spoken clue.
  4. Stretching the word out at the beginning and clipping it at the end. This means that the clue giver is seeking a word that might preceed what he has said.

Clue givers may use inflections as needed, but they must use the exact same intonations if asked to repeat the clue. Clue givers may pronounce the word a total of two times, and may spell it (with phonetic spelling if desired) only once. Any member of a team may request the word to be repeated a second time, A clue giver may not give the clue a second time without the team requesting it.

All decisions of the hosts are final.

We look forward to your presence in our games.

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