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Pyramid is hosted by Shelley and Charlie.

Pyramid is a game of categories and descriptions. Two clue givers are armed with multiple categories to be played, each category consisting of eight items which fit the category they are playing. The participants are split into teams and play begins. The categories are revealed to the player, and then the cluegiver will describe the 8 items one at a time to one of the team's members. Play alternates between the teams until each team member has had a chance to complete a category. If time remains, the clue givers will switch teams and each player will receive a second category to play. Once This has been accomplished, the bonus rounds are played. In the bonus rounds, the clue givers have a list of 8 categories, and will attempt to give only a list of items that fit the category so the player can identify the category that all the items fit.

Each round is timed at 2 minutes, and every correct answer of the 8 receives one point for the team. A bonus round answer will net a team 5 points.

See you in the Pyramid.

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