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Sounds of Music is a music game hosted by James, Shelley and Toto the site mascot in the Games Galore channel.

This game consists of identifying a music clip to get points for your team.

At the beginning of the evening, two captains are chosen. When you enter the channel, you will be placed on a team by Shelley who will then read the team lists. The game then starts. There are 16 rounds to this game, and a break will be taken at the end of round 8.

Each person on a team gets to select from the available categories for the evening. Some of the categories include but are not limited to:

  • Top songs from the years 1950 to 2015, (These are songs taken from the Billboard and other well known charts),
  • Well known Intros, (Songs with a famous intro are played and stopped before the vocals are heard),
  • Covers: (A cover of a famous song is played, and the team must give the name of the song and the singer or group that made it famous.) If they get both elements correct, they may then guess the artist of the cover that was played for an additional 10 points.
  • Michael's TV Themes: Television theme songs selected by Michael Cunningham, a dear friend who is missed by all.
  • and other assorted categories.

How to play:

Each person in turn, starting with the captain of each team will pick from a category of their choice and a song will be played from that category. The team has 90seconds to come up with the artist and title of the song. They can bet up to ten points per element, and the captain then gives the final answer or passes on either or both elements. If they have the correct answer, the team wins the points they bid, but if they lose, they also lose their bid. If the team gets the answer wrong, the question is passed to the other team for a 30 second steal. They also get to bid on the remaining answers and win the points if their answer is right, or lose them if the answer is wrong.

After 16 rounds, the scores are added and a winner is declared.

Be sure to come to sounds of music to relive old memories and maybe make some new ones.

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