Trivia Chhallenge

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Join your host Charlie in a trivia game where two teams challenge each other to answer trivia questions with or without multiple choices. Points range from 5 points for correct answers if your team can answer the question without being given multiple choices, down to 1 point if the question is answered on the final try.

Game Play

Charlie will ask a team a question. The team can discuss if they want multiple choices. If they say no, they can then discuss the answer and the captain can give it. The answer is worth 5 points.

If the team chooses multiple choice, Charlie will read the 4 choices, and the team will win 4 points if they answer correctly. If they do not, the question goes to the opposit team for 3 points. If the team does not get the answer, the question goes back to the original team for 2 points. If the team guesses wrong, the point is awarded to the opposit team by default since there is only one answer left.

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