Wheel of Words

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Wheel of Words!

Join me, Nat, to play my version of Wheel of Fortune, but with a braille twist. Players will be put on two equal teams. Each team starts the game off with 20 points to allow them to buy vowels. I then spin the wheel and whatever the amount it lands on is the consonantís value for that turn. If the team guesses incorrectly, the point value goes over to the other team for their turn. Be careful if you know the puzzle just in case the wheel lands on Bancrupt because, then you will lose your turn and your accumulated points for the current round. There will be themes to the puzzles such as world capitals, common phrases and famous places to name a few.

Here is the Braille twist, once the puzzle is solved, a pre-determined person from the team will give the spelling of that winning puzzle using contracted Braille. For example, if the winning puzzle is motherís day, the person would answer dot 5 m, dot 3, s, and next word dot 5, d.

At the end of the game there will be a lightening round consisting of 2 puzzles. One person from each team will be designated to take part in this final round. Hope you will be able to join me for this fun and exciting game!

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