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Zilch is hosted by Terry Scott every Monday at: 10:00 PM eastern, and on Wednesday and Saturday at: 4:00 PM Eastern. It is also hosted by Chris every Friday at: 4:00 PM Eastern.

Game Play:

Game score, 5000. The game winner is the player with the highest score at the end of the round following the round in which the game score was reached.
Players must enter the room before the score keeper starts announcing the score after the second round of play in order to participate in the game. There may be 12 players or there may only be 4. Be there on time to ensure that you can play.
Forgiveness is given if a player has no points in the first throw of 6 dice in any round. This is only allowed for each player once per game.
A player must respond by the third call or his tturn is skipped and the dice are replayed for the next player on the list.
Please note that it is common courtesy to respond to the host as soon as possible when it is your turn. if you are playing, it is rude to multi-task and have the host and other game players wait for you. Please show respect to our game hosts and pay attention.
The host and or score keeper may give a player his/her options. This can include replaying the dice for them, or clarifying their points for them should the player ask for clarification. If a player indicates that they are keeping the points they accumulated, that will be taken as a final decision, and the roll will move to the next player. Even if the former player could have rolled 6 dice and continued her/his turn, if they have stated that they are keeping their points, no other player can talk them into rolling again. Final is final. The player who's turn it is will make his/her own decisions based on those options. This eliminates the confusion of having several players, with good intentions, give suggestions.
If a scoring error occurs, any player may voice the correction when they get the key. However, if the correction has been made, release your key. There is no need to have 3 or more people repeat the same correction to the host or score keeper.
At the end of each month, the player with the top score for the month, who has participated in a minimum of 5, (five) games during the month, will be declared the winner of our monthly tournament, and receive a fifteen dollar cash prize.


  • Game point: 5000, Players must score at least 500 points to get off the bench and begin accumulating points.
  • Straight, (1,2,3,4,5,6) 1500 points,
  • 3 1's, (1,1,1) 1000 points,
  • Triple Double, (1,1,2,2,3,3, 3 pairs) 500 points,
  • Triple dice, (3 of the same number) 100 times the number on the die,
  • 1, 100 points,
  • 5, 50 points.

We look forward to your presence in our games.

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